2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada, Opening Party. Let’s get this party started! The 2017 search for Miss Teenage Canada begun with a evening event held by our sponsors. 

2017 Sponsor Party – Search for Miss Teenage Canada


My Quebec girls and I when meeting Samantha Pierre for the first time!


The sponsors gave us some challenges on social media and whomever got the most likes/views, would win a prize! 

Hashtagio social media aggregator was set up to show the Instagram feed for #MTC2017.  Just like last year, all the best shots are being collected and displayed on the website in a special Go Behind the Scenes via Instagram page. business phones, Nortel NetworksThe unique service is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom business phone networks and all week long we are encouraged to use our cell phones and mobile devices to post our best moments using the #MTC2017 hashtag.

 The Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga put us up to an Instagram #MTCSongSolo challenge.

Delegates were invited to come up to the mic and sing whatever song they would like and they had to post it on Instagram with the #MTCsongselo hashtag. Some girls did duets and some ladies rapped which was very entertaining to see pretty women with pink dresses spitting bars. The prize for the video with the most likes by Wednesday night will WIN a new cordless microphone!

Jewllery for women available online across Canada, Super Adorbs jewellery is a unique company that you can style up or down depending on your style or event. Headquartered here in Toronto, the company sells online everywhere across Canada. Superadorbs is styled by females and it’s main message is to encourage individual expression.

Super Adorbs jewellery handed us some adorable gift bags with unique pieces of jewlerry in each! 

Girls got shoes from Nine WestShoes from Nine West

Got a sneak peek of the shoes Nine West sponsored for us


Our shoes from Nine West were on display and we were blessed with 50$ gift cards to purchase anything we wanted in store. I bought the cutest blue stileto heels with an open toe. 

Rob himself was running the Archer Dental booth and giving away dental supplies, I unfortunately got stuck taking pictures for other girls and did not get a chance to get anything at the booth but from what I heard everything was extremely good! 

Golden goddess beauty supplies gave us little gift bags with homemade natural body butter and some exfoliant. They were also offering us a spray tan at a discounted price! I was so intrigued by the fact that the lady representing the brand told us she had made the body butter that morning at her house with her daughter. The body butter smells AMAZING and gives the perfect glow to your skin while keeping it looking naturally moisturized. 


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