I want to encourage people to confidently be the best and most natural version of themselves, that is why I decided to start a project based on natural beauty. I have gathered multiple models of different shapes, colors and size for a videoshoot/photoshoot. I allow them to wear whatever they would like and style their hair however they want but my only requirement is no makeup. I want the models to feel comfortable in their own clothes and confident considering taking pictures without makeup is out of most girls comfort zones. My goal is to get the girls to walk out of the photoshoot feeling better about themselves without any makeup. I want girls to be confident without makeup and only wear makeup for fun, not to cover up their insecurities. I hope that when other girls see the pictures and videos of my models with no makeup feeling good in their own skin, it will show them that everybody has flaws but if you accept the things you cannot change and own them, your natural beauty will shine through. 

 I want girls to embrace their flaws and come to realize we are in this together and we should all bring each other up. I am encouraging difference while daring to stand out and confidentally be you. I love doing my makeup because it is truly an art but, putting on makeup for fun and putting on makeup to cover up what you do not want to accept, are two different things. Reality is, most people have acne, most people have cellulite and stretch marks and body hair. We are all human, we are all built up of the same atoms, the only thing that makes us different is our minds, bodies and souls, so start owning them. We need to start being comfortable with ourselves and teach the younger generations that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We should not be defined by the colour of our skin or the size of our hips or the way we choose to wear our clothes, be you but be you with confidence and do not let anybody tear you down. 

Unfortunately my pictures were too big to be posted but they will be going viral along with the video at the end of October 2017, stay tuned!

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