Montreal is a beautiful city full of gorgeous scenery but my favorite place to be is right in the heart of downtown. I love the big buildings, the busy streets and the bright lights all around.  There is no specific place that I love more than the other because each place completes one and other. The Olympic stadium is a huge attraction in my city but without Mount Royal, it wouldn’t be seen to it’s full potential. Most importantly, the reason why I love downtown Montreal so much is because of all the amazing memories I have there from when I was younger to now. I have grown there and it is full of places to just have fun. For example, my boyfriend took me to an arcade near Saint-Catherine’s St and I felt like a little kid again. I also recently went bowling with my best friends downtown and we were all quite bad but it’s the company that counts!

This  is my childhood best friend Rachel and I love her very much! This is from when we went bowling at the Forum near Dawson College.





Written by: Samantha

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