My name is Samantha and I am so excited to begin this journey in a week from now. All of this happened by accident to be completely honest. I had no clue what I was auditioning for, I had auditioned for Top Model Canada and got sent upstairs for Miss Teen Canada. I showed up in jeans and a  tank top with no makeup on and my favorite sneakers. So for me to have been chosen out of many beautiful and sweet girls, I thought to myself it was a sign that I should give it a go!

Truth be told, I could not have made it this far without my mom. She is truly my second half that is constantly supporting and helping me succeed. I am so thankful for her but I am also very fortunate to have an amazing family. My dad, my brother, my sister, their spouses and my niece and nephew are extremely supportive of me and I would not trade them for the world. Lastly, my friends and my boyfriend are huge supporters of  everything I do. They are always there to lend a hand, come to photo shoots with me, drive me to auditions but most importantly, love and encourage me.

This is my best friend Emily and I, we have been friends for over 12 years and I love her to death. I can always count on her and she is forever like my second sister. The first image is us at volleyball and the one below is of us at science fair.

Written by: Samantha

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